Work/Working, Clue/Clueless, Creeper/Crept


1) I just received word that my paper on the work of Stan Douglas has been accepted for presentation at the DRHA (Digital Research in Humanities and the Arts) 2016 Conference in Brighton this upcoming September. I’m thrilled! I’m now turning that paper into a longer article for submission to a journal over here in the UK. So far it has been a summer of writing, writing, and writing. Feeling optimistic about the end of my PhD, and have an upcoming Skype meeting with Kevin in the works. DOING IT.

2) I’ve been writing new compositions for voice! Somewhere between my previous polyvocal sound work and previous poetry/performance. Once there’s a full manuscript I might send them off. Why not? Helps keep me sane in the middle of all of the art criticism and critical theory.

3) I’ve received heaps of messages (emails, tweets, FB messages, etc) from people coming out of the woodwork over the years to say weird stuff, throw shade, harass, or profess creepy-creeperton love. I’m thinking about compiling them and making some multimedia works on the relationship between the internet and memory. Remember┬áthat weirdo who sent a mysogynistic message about me to C something in the realm of six months ago? Yeah, me neither, so I found the archived post linked above. He emailed C again this week, this time to say, well, I’m not really sure. Something about how he doesn’t have a grudge, and is (was?) civil, and something about just saying we were in the UK at the same time? How did he even know we were in the UK, and married, and how did he get Curran’s email? I haven’t seen him or spoken to him in the better part of ten years. I’m not sure about any of this. One thing I am sure of is that it’s profoundly creepy for a random dude you dated when you were a teenager (does that even count as a relationship?) to say things (to you and your husband), then unsay them six months later, then to attest to having knowledge, but not in a caring way. THAT’S THE INTERNET FOR YOU. If these creepers want to creep, they’ll just add to the fire of the work. Is that a form of out-creeping? Maybe, haha.


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