View from the air

Un coup de foudre!

Point Grey with Vancouver stretching out in the distance.

(UBC’s Point Grey campus in the foreground, located at the tip of the Burrard peninsula, or Lower Mainland, with downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park stretching out in the distance.)

My last major trip (other than shuttling back and forth between NYC and Toronto) was to South America, specifically interior Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. I remember the 12 hour non-stop flight from Toronto to São Paulo, waking up as we circled over the largest urban centre in the Americas, and gazing with awe at the bright, endless city extending far beyond the horizon. That feeling, now, is being replicated by the view of the Burrard Inlet from the air. Even though I’m only moving across the country, the view of the Lower Mainland from the sky, with UBC at the tip of the Burrard Peninsula, just takes me breath away, with the mountains marking out the city’s signature jagged horizon in the distance. This is the first major move of my life, since I’m purging almost everything I own to start fresh in Vancouver, with no foreseeable prospect of returning to Toronto within the next decade, if ever. Perhaps I’m just drunk with anticipation. Or perhaps I feel, for the first time, that a new home offers the prospect of reinvention, reflection, and a different kind of progress. Essentially, this change is extremely well-timed.

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