UPDATES: Leeds/ Adventure/ Candidacy/ #CdnArt

In six months Curran and I are moving to Leeds, West Yorkshire!

Curran accepted an unconditional graduate-entry offer to study Law at the University of Leeds! I’m so proud of him! Which means I’m taking my SSHRC to the UK to spend the next year or so finishing my dissertation! He moved to Vancity for me, so it’s my turn to fly off with him (pfft, as if I needed a reason to go on an adventure). I’m extremely excited. We spend our nights before bed looking at neighbourhoods and houses, imagining the life that awaits in 2014.

As for the ongoing saga of candidacy: my candidacy papers passed, I survived my oral critique (phew), and am now inching ever closer to completing my prospectus! I feel great about the progress of my degree so far, and more focused than ever on approaching my dissertation, though I’ll definitely miss teaching at UBC when I’m an ocean away. My students this year were great. At the end of the ENGL 110 course I taught this term, some of them gave me cards and chocolates in thanks! I still have exams to mark so I’ll assume the chocolates were only half hoping I’d grade them generously.

On the SB front, the next print zine from Steel Bananas (we’re in the 50s in zine publications, and tens of books now!) is a zine of interviews titled #CDNART, including ten contemporary Canadian artists including a Sobey Award winner, many established CDNArt darlings, some expats in the US, and young artists and collectives that are making work we think rules. Curran is curating and conducting the interviews, so it’s sure to bear the attention to detail and depth of analysis characteristic of all his work with SB. On the book publication front, the forthcoming slate of publications (#5-10) are being edited and designed by our team in Toronto and Vancouver, and we’re extremely excited to see ’em complete! They’re still scheduled to launch in Toronto in 2014 at a huge party we’re planning. More details to come…

In terms of my own work, I’m now starting the inevitable end-of-year reflection on my print and digital projects and publications for the last year, from candidacy exams and conference papers, to digital curricula and poetry archives, to three poems from my forthcoming 7-inch published in journals in Toronto and Vancouver, to interviews and reading at the Western Front and Word Vancouver. Even more yet — Curran and I have a surprise film that we should be able to release before the end of 2013! The endless Play Chthonics readings and discussions, the Work in Progress Salon at UBC, teaching and working through my degree all feel like a blur. I’m sure the good rest that awaits in mid-December will bring everything into focus. For now, I still have grading to do and a friend’s website to design…

Did I mention we’re moving to Leeds? I still can’t believe it. Can’t wait! I’ve never even been to the UK, so I’m moving in blind. I’m exited for the adventure!




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  1. Adele wrote:

    Can’t wait til we’re a couple of hours apart!