Toronto visit, Daniel’s Launch, and Updates

I’m back in Vancouver after a busy two weeks in Toronto, full of meetings, events, and nights out with friends. I intended to keep a better record of my travels, but I didn’t have stable internet access, and chose instead to just enjoy my workation. The launch for Daniel Tysdal’s Dear Adolf was an incredible night, and the Ossington was packed! We sold all of the books we had on hand! A few photos (taken by Val) from that night are posted below, and for more visit the SB facebook album.

In the coming weeks performance videos accompanying the late summer launch of Fuck Irony will be released, along with the long awaited 29th issue of the SB Quarterly. We also posted a call for submissions for SB30: Touching/Exposure.

Being back in Vancouver is great. I love Toronto, but hate the air quality. I start a summer course tomorrow (rather, today, since it’s 2am here) and can’t wait to get back to the grind. More regular updates soon.

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