The Scream Literary Festival

Upcoming event for the Scream Literary UnFestival:

The Steel Bananas Art Collective will be meandering the streets of Toronto armed with a wagon, microphone, and camera, inviting passersby to take a moment to offer “Variations on a Scream” and/or improvisational poetry on the street. Each poet-for-a-moment will be photographed for a large piece to be presented to the Scream organizers, in appreciation for their years of work and dedication. We will be at Bellevue Square for approximately an hour before moving to our next undetermined location. Expect chance meetings with closeted or not-so-closeted poets, perhaps a rendezvous with John B, the Portuguese Mad Rapper, and more!

For more Scream UnFestival events organized by both the Scream Literary Festival and other members of the Canadian art&lit communities, check out

This is the last scream, so make sure to head out!

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