the lakes of canada

I woke up early and made broccoli soup for Curran to bring to school/work since he won’t be home until late. I’m picking away at my dissertation and looking out the window at the sun. I’m applying for jobs across the country, settling in to the inevitability of moving yet again, the inevitability of the end of my PhD. Sure, Curran and I planned London in 2016/17 but it may be earlier for me. I must go where the work is, provided it’s an easy train ride away. The end of my SSHRC Fellowship later this year is coming on in slow motion. I’m not frightened, just looking ahead.

I really like it here. Strange calm, notes from home, sibling jokes, friendly neighbours. My days are slow and revolve around this desk. I remember telling one of my favourite university professors in my undergrad that I wanted to do a PhD. I remember his warning: “PhDs are very solitary.” It’s true. At least I no longer look at my dissertation as a gargantuan task. I enjoy our relationship, dissertation and I.

I just read an article about Sufjan Stevens and now I’m on (surprise!) another nostalgia trip. I hadn’t listened to him in a while. Michigan is calling me today. His new album Carrie & Lowell comes out at the end of next month and I look forward to it. I remember back in 2007/2008 when I was obsessed with the Paris-based Blogotheque and I would watch their concerts à emporter over and over again. It reminds me of early days of blasting Grizzly Bear between listening to La Mia Vita Violenta on repeat. I just found this Sufjan Stevens concert  à emporter wherein he plays “The Lakes of Canada.” I’m listening to it as a couple of new flowers bloom on my jasmine plant and my cat purrs quietly in my lap. Happy Monday.


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