Technologies of Intuition

I just finished reading this fantastic collection of essays, Technologies of Intuition, which sparked a new line of research for my MA thesis on the Baroness and performance theory. It also contains many works which jive with my performance methodologies, which made it an emotional and introspective read. I’m in love.

“Our rational Cartesian culture despises the uncontrollable unconscious; its intuitions are feminized and in effect castrated as a force, a power. Accessing this implicit space involves a fragile address, a belief in transparent thresholds — most of which are blocked for us — through which spirits, coincidence, sacral and unpredictable guidance and information might occur.” — Carolee Schneeman, “On Intuition.”

“Within the concept of ‘intuition’ lies an expanded imagination: one that embraces a blend of instinctive reaction to the real with an insightful perspective to the possible.” — Jade McCutcheon, “Intuition as the Receptive Other.”

“When/ I had my natal chart interpreted, it said/ that I have good instincts which I don’t trust.” — Barbara Balfour, “Belly Brain.”

“We can check our mind. Hurry, worry and bitterness can be seen as visitors and friends, not as enemies. They are distant cousins from another country. Let them visit for a while. While they are at our home, our intuition will use their disturbing company as manure and will grow big and strong from the challenge. Take a bath when anxiety leaves. Intuition loves water. In conclusion, pray, pray, pray your way.” — Linda M. Montano, “Seven Paths to Reclaiming our Intuition.”

Technologies of Intuition | Edited by Jennifer Fisher

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