simone lueck

During today’s ritual e-digging I came across simone lueck from L.A. – a woman whose small portfolio of photographs, mostly of glamorous older women, really clubbed me over the head. “Making pictures in LA is good” she writes on her main page, “It’s like sifting through an old trunk filled with worn out fan letters and a bright blonde lock of hair from 1953.” Oh my. I’ll let lueck explain this to you with a small selection of delicious photographs from Cuban Television Sets and The Once and Future Queens:

TV |

Cuba 2 |

Cuba 3 |

Cuba 10 |

Cuba 9 |

The Once and Future Queens |

Wigs |

Fabie Livingroom |

Deb |

Mara in the Library |

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  1. Patrick wrote:

    She’s awesome, I checked out her site and its really cool.