From R. Murray Schafer's The Composer in the Classroom.

From R. Murray Schafer’s The Composer in the Classroom.

My obsession with R. Murray Schafer recently reemerged. I attended his latest opera The Children’s Crusade in 2009 – an unforgettable performance with nearly one hundred performers, The Canadian Children’s Opera Company, and the Toronto Consort – and haven’t been able to shake the inspiration since. Lately, I have been devouring Schafer’s work at an accelerated, insatiable rate, and my appreciation grows the more I discover about this incredible Canadian composer. Below is a recording from his 1983 “RA” at the Ontario Science Centre, commissioned by COMUS Music. Enjoy.

RA (1983)

01 Procession – Excerpt (5:56)

02 Aria of Amente-Nufe (14:42)

03 Aria of Hasroet (11:36)

04 Duet of Isis and Nephthys (10:08)

Total time 42:20
LP released by Centrediscs, Toronto, 1983
Source: UbuWeb


From R. Murray Schafer’s The Composer in the Classroom.

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  1. Ben wrote:

    Amazing: “All the pianos in suburbia are slumbering. Go and wake them up.”