It has been uncharacteristically cool in Yorkshire lately. I saw my breath in the air when taking my dog out a few mornings ago. A couple of weeks ago I spent a week getting acclimatized to my new teaching gig, which starts in September. I’m definitely excited, but the expanse of work ahead to get my dissertation in shape before I’m in front of a classroom again is immense. Strange how this deep, daunting, sublime feeling of awe and terror at the foot of all this work is such a potent motivator. Between facilitating the development of this year’s publication season of Overachiever with Steel Bananas and slaving away at this dissertation of mine, I’m stealing away a few August days to spend gallery hopping in London and sorting out my paperwork at the Portuguese Consulate. Until then, though, it’s just Participatory Poetics and little ol’ me. Well, Bijou, Mabel, and Curran are here too. Here’s a photograph Curran took of me yesterday:

My hair is getting longer. Oh! I almost forgot: Last month I finally launched my portfolio with selected projects at karencorreiadasilva.com. It links here and I’ve relocated some of my press and media over there. I realize that I’ve been blogging here for almost six years! I’m not stopping any time soon.

Tomorrow (today?): The dissertation grind is real.

Now: I’m staying up late and listening to old Pumpkins songs recontextualized.




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