Pneumonia Saturday

I’ve been in bed for two weeks with a pretty complicated case of pneumonia. I’m feeling better but nursing a bad spinoff head cold. It’s strange, I’ve been off of work and study completely for two weeks and nothing has fallen apart. Did I expect it to? No, not really. But I’m a Workaholic, unapologetically. Why does everything always feel so urgent or immediate? I have a mound of work waiting for my return but, for the first time, I’m not worried about it. Everyone just kept telling me to rest and — for once — I actually did. Aside from the pain/ being ill, it was sort of — nice. Well, maybe that’s not the word. Restful? Well, not that either. Maybe it just proved that I can push the pause button and everything will still be fine. I’ve accumulated sufficient hustle to take a break now and then. Still waiting it out. Hoping for health by Monday. So I can work. (What a loser I am.) :)

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