Photos from SB’s BDay Shindig

SB’s Second Anniversary Party was awesome! I arrived en retard because my tattoo sitting ran late, but I was immensely pleased with the turnout and the talent. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! SB loves you all! Check out a few more photos here.

SB's Second Anniversary Party

SB's Second Anniversary Party

SB's Dennis Reynolds and Elise Tanzini

SB's Second Anniversary Party

SB's Second Anniversary Party

Rotten Tropics

The Family

A Horse and His Boy


Photos by King Frankenstein.


  1. wow looks like a steamy romp. how was the music? were there any crackers? who is the cute girl with the red hair and CGI jawline? she seems to glisten with a certain sense of purpose, lean porpuse diet and possibly addicted to diet coke.

    is she from american apparel’s new limbo contest division of knee socks and neckwarmers/braces? she seems familiar.

    i would like to hire her to walk on stilts at my grandmother’s funeral/wedding it pays 3000 dollars a day my grandmother’s funeral and wedding will last 2 years and include kevin bacon remixes a family ties marathon and tons of dog food email me at

  2. Ben wrote:

    Cool kid.