October 2015

A couple of updates to cover my September absence from this blog:  

  • I was awarded the William Royce Butler and Jean Campbell Butler Scholarship from the Department of English at UBC, as well as the UBC Faculty of Arts Graduate Award. Feeling great about that, but still in the weeds with the completion of my dissertation. There is still so much left to do.

  • I had a revelation about teaching/my path in life. More on that later.

  • Pleasure Monkey is in post-production (and print production) and it feels soooo good. Here are a couple of samples from the zine:



Other than that it’s the same ol’ thing here in Leeds: pets are great, Curran is studying hard (last year of Law School!), I am trying to finish my dissertation, prepare for upcoming post-doctoral considerations and now looking for some more work. A better update will come in due course. In the meantime listen to some Courtney Barnett:    

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