Is it terrible that I didn’t want to come back? The weather was fantastic for our whole trip, but the morning we left the NYC skies unleashed a downpour to usher us out. Pathetic fallacy? I think so.

Marcel Duchamp | A Regarder (l'autre côté du verre) d'un oeil, de prés, pendant presque une heure | Curran Folkers as collaborator | MOMA


  1. Guy wrote:

    Great photos, and appropriate Interpol reference. I wish you all the best in your NYC studies!

  2. Adèle wrote:

    I love the photos! You’re beaming in all of them! I really love the one of you looking at the Guggenheim. Beautiful. I’m glad to hear that your meeting with NYU went well. If you move to NYC, I might come back with you. Who else will I fit my skirts on?

    Speaking of which, I finally starched the pleats on the turquoise one. If you need a break from all of the marking, come over and dance around in it.