Mercy is for pussies.

Love is a dialectic that must be kept in balance.


Stephen Dwoskin
Dirty (1965)

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  1. Limerance Q. wrote:

    Something’s gotta give.
    Cause I’m full of insolence
    and this pace is killing me.

    Load up on tragedy
    and let it spill out…
    call me crazy,
    but wasn’t that your line?
    Wasn’t that
    the thing you
    kept injecting
    all that time?

    Can’t we come to terms?
    This is just the blur
    we’ve always known.
    It’s like a dream,
    but draped in absent memory.

    Such old adages
    that we’d always fake.
    The sound of my innocence

    How about another chance to dance
    with the stars?
    Or you’re too jaded?
    I’m too wasted
    to make a mark on you.

    Guess I’m the fool.