Moving to Vancouver!

After weighing my PhD fellowship offers from the University of Alberta, New York University, and the University of British Columbia, I finally settled on UBC, not only for the superior funding, but for the vibrant writers’ communities in Vancouver, and of course, the picturesque setting sandwiched between the Rockies and the Pacific. I’ll begin my doctorate this Fall in their department of English — with the option of taking courses at SFU — funded by a fantastic fellowship, with tuition paid on my behalf by the department. I’m so excited! Thanks to my incredibly brilliant and supportive professors at York University and Ryerson University, I’m one step closer to fulfilling my childhood dream. *Cue confetti.*

UBC Vancouver Campus


  1. Curran wrote:

    Kaboosh. You’re going to have the time of friggin’ times.

  2. A.N. wrote:

    So proud of you! Beautiful and brilliant? I see world domination in your future.

  3. Cassandra wrote:

    Karen, you have and always will be the most incredible woman to come out of Toronto. I see great things in your future. You’re doing it! YOU’RE DOING IT! I always knew you could.

  4. Julie wrote:

    HOLY SHIT WHEN DID I MISS THIS? CONGRATULATIONS BELLA! You’re still the smartest muse I know. How the Gods let you have it all, I do not know.

  5. Alex wrote:

    UBC is by far the most beautiful Canadian university campus, not to mention one of the most internationally recognized. Congratulations and bonne chance!

  6. Secret Admirer wrote:

    Toronto will miss you.