More than any other day

This month is crazy. I’m refining drafts of my first three dissertation chapters, one of my committee members is visiting Leeds to speak (and have coffee with me), and I snagged tickets to a bunch of shows and film screenings. This Saturday Curran and I are heading out to see Montreal-based punk band OUGHT at the Brudenell Social Club. I’m picking Curran up from work and we plan to get drunk on the walk over, as if we’re back in our college sweetheart days. Next week my friend Lauren and I are heading to Leeds International Film Fest to appease our teenage selves with Heaven Adores You, the Elliott Smith documentary. I haven’t listened to Elliott Smith in years but I’m not one to begrudge my younger self, and plus, Lauren is excellent company. The following day I welcome my mentor Dr. Moss to Leeds for a talk over coffee about my dissertation and her talk on her own work. She’s on sabbatical in the south of France so it’s amazing to have her close by this year as I finish my dissertation. The last week of November Curran and I have tickets to see Perfume Genius at the Wardrobe in Leeds! I love love love his new album and can’t wait to see him live for the first time. We were hoping to get out to see my beloved Caribou in Liverpool last month but we’ve been too busy to spare the time.

My first few months here have been filled with fun and travel around the area and down to London, but now I’m settling in to the beauty of the river valley over here in Kirkstall. We took Mabel out for a long walk in the cool November sun yesterday in the most perfect conditions Yorkshire could provide. Here are some photos and a track by OUGHT from their album More than any other day .


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