immaculate defiled

Five days until Curran and I hit NYC! We’ve been busy trying to get all schoolwork and extracurricular jazz sorted out before we leave on the 24th, so SB is launching a few days late this month. We’ve also started a handmade chapbook series with SB, so our excitement for the project has eclipsed all else. Curran has been gracious enough to edit a series of my collage poems titled Immaculate Defiled, inspired by a Starla Bontecou piece (see below). DID I SAY FIVE DAYS UNTIL NYC? The day we arrive we’re slated to hit up MOMA for the premiere of Andy Warhol’s Face, a recently restored film which hasn’t been viewed in forty years. I can’t wait. I should get back to this issue of SB and stop gushing. Check out the cover of the chapbook, and let me know what you think!

Immaculate Defiled | Starla Bontecou | 2010

Immaculate Defiled | Poems by Karen Correia Da Silva | 2010


  1. great work

    its nice to make physical objects like toast versus

    saying the word toast


    barrie barwin

  2. Adèle wrote:

    Love it.

  3. Guy wrote:

    Beautiful cover. Spot-on.