I <3 Manchester

Between Curran’s Manchester & London law firm work placements, I managed to steal a couple of days away from my dissertation to spend some time with him in Manchester.

Among pancake lunches, drinks, and exploring, we trekked out to Old Granada Studios to witness part of FKA twigs’ Soundtrack 7, her video/performance residency in Manchester as part of the Manchester International Festival. Our small group of twenty or so people sat in the back and watched her bounce back and forth with dancers and projections set to her song “Ultraviolet.”

FKA twigs holds a special place in C & I’s relationship — as music and art so often do in relationships — so this was a particularly fitting for this summer while we spend so much time apart pursing our individual dreams together. I am on track to have a full draft of my dissertation by the end of the summer and he’s working at law firms across the country waiting to hear back about his training contract prospects, figuring out where we’ll land. I start teaching English Literature and Language starting this September — both to grow as a practitioner and to keep myself sharp as I await my PhD defence — and I love Leeds, but I expect to be pulled to London with all of its job prospects at some point. Still, something just calls to me about Manchester. We might even end up there. Perhaps the trams remind me of Toronto? C & I agreed it definitely has a Toronto vibe. Or is it the musical history with the Smiths and all? I’m not quite sure yet, but I love the city and might just take the train there to wander some more alone before Curran gets back from London.

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