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I’m back in Vancouver after a great month-long trip across Canada to visit family, friends, and my partner Curran. It all started off in Edmonton, where I spent a week with Curran and his family, before I flew out to Toronto for a couple of weeks to spend time with family and friends. In Toronto, I not only had the pleasure of revelling with all my friends over numerous nights out for dinner and dancing, but I also had the great pleasure of reading poetry at the Central as part of the Underdog Poets Academy Reading Series, organized monthly by the incredibly talented Sarah Beaudin. The bar was packed, the crowd was great, and I had a blast! After Christmas, Curran met me in Toronto for a couple of days of gallery hopping and catching up with friends before we flew out to New Brunswick, where he currently lives, to ring in the New Year. After an incredibly romantic and refreshing stay in Fredericton, I flew to Montreal for a day, then back to Vancouver to start my term as a Visiting Doctoral Student in the Department of English at Simon Fraser University. So far, it has been amazing.

Production (rather, delayed production) of SB’s 29th issue and the 2011-2012 season of chapbooks has begun in earnest. We’re unsure whether or not we’re even going to market them as chapbooks, since we managed to budget for beautiful hard cover copies in full colour with dust jackets. Yeah. I’m pretty proud of us. I’ve also gotten back to my violin lessons, and am extremely glad that I’m back to making music. Something was missing for that whole month I was away, so next time I leave for an extended period of time, I’ll make sure to bring it with me!

Since I’m only taking one class this semester, I’m taking the time my fellowship affords me to launch into work on a new manuscript. Fuck Irony is in production, and has inspired some new poetry. More to come on that front soon.

Here are some shots from  my cross-country holiday adventure. They’re out of order, but I’m too lazy to rectify it. Enjoy:

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  1. Darcy wrote:

    Great photos. It looks like you really had a great holiday. When term cools down, you have to play me the Joni Mitchell song you learned, if only so I can watch you play!