Hired at MLCRC!

MLCI’m so excited!

After my interview with Dr. Irene Gammel, the Research Chair and Director of The Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre, I was waiting with bated breath to hear back about whether or not they could use me at the MLCRC. Today, I was hired as a Graduate Research Assistant! I’ll be working with personal letters by DADA performance artist Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, and using their collection of poetry forthcoming MIT Press, “Body Sweats”, as part of my MRP. I really, really wanted this position, and I am so excited to get started!


  1. Ben wrote:

    Congrats! That’s amazing.

  2. Adèle wrote:

    Totally a shoo-in! So proud of you!

  3. Guy wrote:

    Congratulations. Sounds like a really interesting and rewarding project.

  4. Cassandra wrote:

    Why am I not surprised? Amazing Karen. Congrats!!

  5. Riaz wrote:

    I was thinking about this when you first shared the good news: I’ve never seen evidence of anyone, anywhere, at any time reap what they sow as much as you. Everything you touch seems to turn into Gold. Is that because you’re lucky? Well, maybe there’s a bit of that, but it’s because you’re hard working, passionate and sincere in everything I’ve seen you try. Bravo! Definitely well deserved. I better get a signed copy of your best-selling autobiography one day…