Happy 2013!

In 2012 I travelled across Canada from Vancouver to Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and Fredericton; edited, produced, and released the first book from SB Publications (Dear Adolf by Daniel Scott Tysdal); read/performed poetry at a funeral march and benefit for the Rio Theatre and Independent Art House, at the SFU English grad conference, at the infamous Green College coffee house, and at the Vancouver launch of Tightrope’s Best Canadian Poetry Series; made a short film (Verbs, 2012) with my friend Matt Marshall; finished all course work and the first year of my PhD; completed, submitted, and passed the first step of my candidacy exams; moved into a new two-level loft in Vancouver with my lover and partner of almost five years, Curran; published Fuck Irony; started my new job as a writer for the CanLit Guides project at Canadian Literature; edited curricula for an Indigenous education resource through the Faculty of Education at UBC; joined the Play Cthonics: New Canadian Readings committee; published my first two peer-reviewed encyclopedia entries in the Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism (forthcoming 2014);  made new friends, and grew as a person.

Here’s to an even busier 2013! I’m grateful for the incredible opportunities and friends I’ve found in Vancouver, and for the great friends and family I have scattered all over the world. Here are a couple of shots of Razan, Matt, Jessie, Curran and I before we celebrated NYE 2013 a the Waldorf Hotel’s Masquerade:

Razan, Jessie, and I on NYE 2013

Razan, Matt, Jessie, Curran and I on NYE 2013

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