Green College!

Green College | UBC

Ahh! After an application process just as long as my PhD application, wherein I had to send in my CV, three letters of reference, a statement of interest and involvement, and my academic transcripts, I got in to Green College! Don’t know what that is? Well, from their website:

Green College is a graduate residential college at the University of British Columbia, and also a society of scholars and intellectuals stretching around the world, including hundreds of former residents, associated faculty, and distinguished visitors. The College’s reach extends far beyond its stunning location on the edge of the UBC campus in Vancouver, Canada, where it is nestled on a forested cliff overlooking ocean and mountains. It is an ever-expanding community, ready to welcome those with a passion for the exchange of ideas and an interest in the cultivation of academic and creative connections. This founding ideal is reflected in the motto of the College’s coat of arms: “Ideas and Friendship.”

The College was founded in 1993, thanks to a gift from Dr. Cecil H. Green. The College has formal ties with Green Templeton College, a sister institution at Oxford University also endowed by Cecil Green, and with Massey College at the University of Toronto. It was established as a centre for advanced interdisciplinary scholarship, with a mandate, reflecting Cecil Green’s vision, to bring together disciplines across the University through non-curricular programs and collaborations, while also opening the University to the wider local community. The College’s commitment to exceeding the ordinary limits of academic discourse and to providing a venue hospitable to constructive thinking on all fronts is captured in the College’s tagline “Creating New Horizons.”

I’m very excited to be involved in the arts programming for the college, and to have a place on a cliff overlooking the water and the mountains. Everyone pitches in to keep everything clean and keep the college running, so they stressed to me that the living will be extremely communal. We also all pay into breakfasts and dinners prepared by our own personal Executive Chef Joseph Collett which we’ll all eat together in a dining hall. It’s going to be fancier than I’m used to, but I can’t wait to move in.

Green College | UBC


  1. Curran wrote:

    Green people are good people? Great day to be great? Green day to be great? Great green to be day? Day great to be green? People are great green good people?

    Whichever way, I’m stoked for you.

  2. Adèle wrote:

    A gorgeous setting for a gorgeous lady! Congrats my dear! Champagne for everyone!

  3. Paden wrote:

    I feel like all I ever say to you now is “Congrats!” Congrats anyway. Not everyone can say they live on a cliff overlooking mountains and the ocean.

  4. MD wrote:

    A young beauty on a wooded cliff overlooking the mountains? The stuff of fairytales.

  5. Mum wrote:

    Life is precious
    Please remember
    God knows each star in the
    sky by their name
    Believe it or not
    Just like a Mom
    Who Holds her children
    Inside her heart forever