Glass | Starla Bontecou | 2010
40”x 50” collage (50”x 70” framed)
For Curran

C.S. Folkers with GlassGlass | Starla Bontecou | 2010

Glass | Starla Bontecou | 2010

Glass | Starla Bontecou | 2010


  1. Adèle wrote:

    Wow! So much new work up within the last few days. This one is beautiful and sad. I’m jealous that Curran has it.

  2. Paden wrote:

    It seems as though every day produces a new favorite.

  3. Guy wrote:

    This has great visual depth with the flanking photographs. Alluring work, Ms. Bontecou.

  4. Curran wrote:

    That’s right. Hanging right above my guitar. Just try and wrench it from my impenetrable fortress of a bedroom.

  5. Kristen wrote:

    Beautiful work.

  6. Patrick wrote:

    Far out!