flaws/ I had the blues but I (quite literally) cut them loose

if you need a pick-me-up just take scissors to your hair. if you have a partner or roommate, ask them to make sure the line is straight at the back. cut those blues away. this is what i did:

Karen Correia da Silva


  1. W.G. Hunter wrote:

    Hey Karen! It’s Weldon. How are you doing? I’m farting around at my bookstore job and the internet led me to your blog. It, like you, is a delight! P.S. You’re purdy.

  2. Weldon! I’m great how are you?! Are you still in Vancouver? I’m hoping to get out there this year, if I ever finish this dissertation, haha. We should go to House of Dosa! And yeah, I’ve had this blog thing for around seven years now. Time flies. Oh, and well, thanks! :)

  3. Also: sorry for the delayed response. I usually just get heaps of spam on this thing, hahaha.

  4. W.G. Hunter wrote:

    I’m good, and yes, still in Vancouverland! Will fill you in on all the news at House of Dosas, so let me know when you’re back in town (email is wgardnerhunter@gmail.com).