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With three months left in Toronto before I move West to start my PhD, I’ve been spending a lot of my time with my family. Each of my siblings will be in a different city this Fall, with my sister Patricia enjoying her recently bought first home in Mississauga, my brother Jeff departing to Boston to work as a Creative Director for Mullen, and of course, me in Vancouver at UBC. My Mom’s staying in Toronto, though I expect she’ll shuttle between the three of us from time to time. Even Curran — who, according to my family, is considered family — will be off to start his MA in Fredericton at the University of New Brunswick after helping me move to Vancity in August. It’s bizarre how quickly life changes. We started as three poor children of Portuguese immigrants, shuttling between our Mother and Father and Grandparents in Toronto, to three independent professionals (though, as the youngest, I’m a bit farther away from owning property like my sister and making six figures like my brother) who all have their heads on straight. I’m tremendously proud of my family, how much we’ve persevered, and that we’ve somehow managed to stick together. I’m now especially excited that I’ll have a home in five different cities. My brother has already told me I’m welcome to show up at his place in Boston whenever I like, which I’m sure will be often. Christmas in Toronto, New Year’s Eve in Fredericton, Easter in Boston. . . The next few years will be characterized by travel, since Curran and I are planning a road trip down to Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco next summer. I’m so happy and grateful for how everything has turned out, and I’m excited for the future now more than ever.

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  1. Curran wrote:

    The future is fun! Something I’ve learned all too recently! This is all so exciting! You’re going to have the best time of times! Good choosing on your choice!