DEERHOOF @ the Brudenell Social Club

Last night Curran and I walked over to our favourite haunt — the Brudenell Social Club — to see one of my favourite bands out of San Francisco: DEERHOOF. For once, we actually made it early enough to catch most of the opening band’s set, and this time it was a Leeds-based band I wasn’t familiar with: COWTOWN. Their energy was infectious and the place was already packed right to the front by the time we had drinks in hand. I was dancing only a quarter into my pint. I’ll definitely see them again when they’re in town, which will probably be soon if they’re based (or originated from?) here. By the time I peeled off my sweater for Deerhoof the place was already warm and rowdy, which is definitely a testament to Cowtown’s abilities.

Now. Deerhoof. This is actually the first time I saw them live. I’ve loved them for years but always seemed to miss them when they were in Toronto. Even during the few years that I lived out on the west coast of North America, we always missed each other. I’m actually quite glad that I did, though, because I had the great opportunity to see them in such an intimate and iconic venue here in my new home. Someone knit them a loch ness monster and they played with it onstage. The crowd grew quiet when their drummer Greg spoke to tell us that they had actually recorded at the Brudenell years ago. He told jokes and we all laughed. It was one of those shows that made you feel like all the strangers are your friends. I was sweaty and dancing and hoarse from screaming by the end of it. I squished my way to the front between smiling people, drinks in hand. Definitely the best show I’ve seen in Leeds thus far, and I’ve been out a fair bit. Oh, and they closed their encore by playing “Come See the Duck!” It was euphoric! Below are a couple of photos I managed to snap while jumping around.



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