Congress 2013

I’m currently in Victoria for Congress 2013 (@ the Edge). I presented the first of two papers for the conference (this one co-written with Dr. Laura Moss) at an ACQL digital pedagogy session–organized by Emily Ballantyne from Dalhousie–on the work we did for the last year on the collaborative CanLit Guides project + setting out a methodology for digital curricula design. The turnout for the panel was great, and we even had a Professor from Poland attend to let us know she was using the resources in her Canadian Literature classes in Silesia! It was definitely fun. I met up with Christina and Leah afterward, attended Leah’s panel on Indigenous hybridity, then we scooted back downtown for drinks and revelry. Here’s us at Big Bad John’s in downtown Victoria:


My next single-authored paper is something I’m working into a longer article. It’s for an ACCUTE joint panel on the legacy of Levinasian ethics in the humanities (and digital humanities) this Tuesday. Titled “The Telematic Encounter: Digital Face-to-Face in Paul Sermon’s There’s No Simulation Like Home,” this paper revolves around a Levinasian model of subjectivity, using sublation as a methodology for interactive narrative and theatre design. Working out of the work already done on Levinasian ethics in contemporary theatre by Peggy Phelan and Nicholas Ridout, I’m staking new ground by bringing in Levinas’ own musings on the theatre environment vis-à-vis ontology, and charting a new path through Levinasian ethics as an aspect of theatre (or more particularly performance installation) design methodology, rather than just a critical framework for understanding these performances. Hopefully I can work through this quickly enough to get it published, but with my candidacy papers, candidacy defence, prospectus, and peer-reviewing responsibilities for a few American journals on my plate right now–not to mention the next slate of books coming out of SB publications, the archive building for PeopleSometimes, and the preparation of my own East Van Sound poetry manuscript–I hope I can find the time. Well, I always seem to, somehow. More updates on the conference to come.


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