So while pursuing my creative endeavours, I’ve still been working toward PhD candidacy. Today was a milestone: I submitted by candidacy papers (“Militant Aesthetics: The Global avant-garde,” and “Intersubjective Dialectics: From Aufhebung to vis-á-vis“) to my committee. Of course, now I have to wait for them to read them and deem them “first-class” as the handbook says, after which they’ll schedule my defence. Looking forward to finally being through the candidacy process, and finishing my prospectus. Can’t wait to be ABD! Curran also submitted his Law School apps to the UK today, so we had a good pow-wow about how excited we are for the future. Here’s hoping my papers pass!


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  1. Curran wrote:

    Karen, I am so incredibly proud of you. If there’s one thing I know is certain in life, it’s that Karen can do anything. You’re probably going to conquer the world, and live in a palace filled with cute animals as far as the eye can see. I’m so happy to be in your life, and still would be even if I was the gardener at said palace.

    FYI though, never hire me as a gardener. I don’t know anything about gardening!